What’s In a Name

Gentian Services is named after the Spring Gentian, a small flowering plant found in the Burren in North Clare. Rarely found in Northern Europe, its pretty blue flowers attract butterflies and bees for pollination and it relies on busy ants to spread its seeds.

The Spring Gentian is resourceful. As strong as it is beautiful, it is renowned for its ability to survive a harsh environment on very low levels of sustenance. Comparitively speaking, we believe it’s the perfect moniker.

Gentian worked very closely with us during the roll out of our first product with one of our key customers. Gentian became an integral part of our engineering team. We leveraged their design and manufacturing experience in the development of our first batch and they are now integral in the design of our second product. All round our relationship with Gentian has really helped us accelerate the delivery of our products to customers.

- Gerry Lacey CEO Surewash LTD.

Sectors we work with

  • Handheld Electronic Devices
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Electronic Products for the Medical Sector

Irish Office:
Gentian Services LTD
Unit 89.3,
Shannon Freezone West,
Shannon , Co Clare
T: +353 61 704 986