Pilot roll out infection control device

Project type
Pilot roll out infection control device

A third-level technology spin-out company developing infection control instrument for use in hospitals.

Client Brief
Our client had developed the core technology and functional prototype for an electronic product to be used in a medical infection control application. The product involved plastic housing and core electronics, as well as touch-screen and bespoke vision systems.

The client engaged Gentian at the point where it required the product to be prepared for deployment in a critical clinical pilot scheme at one of its key customer sites. The client’s instruction to Gentian was to carry out a design review of the current revision and subsequent implementation of improvements. The aim of this exercise was to enhance the design to ensure ease of manufacturing and appropriate reliability for the duration of the pilot scheme. In addition, Gentian was to take full responsibility for the manufacturing and delivery of the systems for the pilot run.

Gentians Solutions
Gentian engaged closely with the client’s development team to deliver the following:

  • Full review of hardware design and implementation of enhancements
  • Electronic system design review and implementation of improvements
  • Redesign of elements of internal system layout to improve reliability
  • Electronic technical problem-solving support to software development during system debug and implementation of permanent solutions
  • Production of systems for pilot scheme
  • Test and debug of pilot systems
  • Technical support to client during installation and roll-out of pilot scheme

Gentian Skillsets Deployed

  • Electronic systems engineering
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Mechanical systems engineering
  • Reliability engineering
  • Compliance engineering
  • Low volume engineering batch manufacturing
  • Procurement and supply chain management

We achieved successful deployment of systems for the duration of the pilot run. Our customer’s key project milestones were achieved:

  • Delivery of systems to pilot site took place ahead of schedule
  • Engineered solutions and manufacturing of units were achieved within budget
  • Reliability of systems was enhanced
  • Lower failure rates were achieved thanks to the improved electronic design of system
  • Assembly design was improved resulting in reduced time for electronic and mechanical assembly
  • Enhanced system design made the unit easier to install and reduced time spent on maintenance

Gentian worked very closely with us during the roll out of our first product with one of our key customers. Gentian became an integral part of our engineering team. We leveraged their design and manufacturing experience in the development of our first batch and they are now integral in the design of our second product. All round our relationship with Gentian has really helped us accelerate the delivery of our products to customers.

- Gerry Lacey CEO Surewash LTD.