Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing


Gentian Services thrives on bringing innovative ideas to life.

  • We provide electronic, mechanical and configuration design for your project.
  • We use our technical capabilities to perfect the design at the beginning to avoid pitfalls later in the process. We carry out 3-D CAD rendering of your product until it is completely prepared for assembly.
  • Hand in hand with this design phase, we develop the most efficient and appropriate assembly process for your product.
  • We not only design your product prototype, but we also provide you with engineering builds. We ensure your product is ready in every sense for the manufacturing stage.
  • Gentian Services bears compliance in mind from the very beginning. We follow through by conducting your product through the compliance process and attaining the appropriate certification.



    Now that your product is ready for the manufacturing process, Gentian Services plans ahead.

    • Aware of the constraints you work with, we put in place the most appropriate supply chain for your product by drawing on our existing relationships with a broad selection of suppliers.
    • Depending on a number of factors, we will suggest either sourcing locally or further afield. We have developed relationships with manufacturers in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe, and we also have strong on-the-ground presence in China and India. We’ve done all the groundwork so that you can avoid spending time and money developing a new supply chain.
    • Gentian Services takes full responsibility for quality and delivery – we are your one point of contact.
    • If your product requires the inclusion of off-the-shelf parts or accessories, we know where to find them at the quality you need for the right price. We can also arrange to have your branding applied.
    • When cost becomes a priority for you, we will source low-cost replacements. If you need to change a part, its quality or its price, we know where to go to source alternatives.



      Gentian Services specialises in manufacturing management, so you don’t have to.

      • Whatever your volume of production, we give your product the same personal attention.
      • For low-volume and engineering builds, we manufacture in-house.
      • We manage the low-volume manufacturing stage for you and then make the transition to high-volume manufacturing. Because of our extensive experience, we can put in place a supply chain for higher volumes with minimum fuss.
      • Not only can we offer this kind of flexibility, but we closely monitor all suppliers, paying particular attention to quality management.
      • We can deliver your product directly to you or to your customers.
      • In short, Gentian Services can manage your supply programme from start to finish.

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        What distinguishes Gentian Services?

        • Gentian Services is interested in you and your product from the very start. We work closely with you from the very beginning to develop your product and get it to the supply stage as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
        • You know your own product, and you know what you need. We will partner with you in whatever way you see fit – flexibility is one of our strong points.
        • We invest our expertise and our interest in working with you to achieve this. We give your project our personal attention from the very beginning.
        • We are uniquely flexible, very technically capable and we work smart. Gentian Services alligns itself 100% with your company.
        • We get closer to your product and the process that brings it to your customers because we can offer expertise at each stage of your product’s lifecycle.
        • We have wide-ranging experience in manufacturing processes and global supply solutions so we know what will best work for you and why.
        • Gentian Services offers an all-in, cost-effective solution that brings our engineering and logistical expertise to your fingertips – but your product is always your product.

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          What this means for you:

          • Working with Gentian Services, you get your product to market more quickly and efficiently.
          • Involving Gentian Services from the very beginning gives you access to practical and affordable design expertise.
          • We anticipate and avoid issues at the design stage that can cause costly manufacturing problems later. Working smart means fewer headaches for you, and for us.
          • Gentian Services is flexible – you can pick and choose from our services. You decide how much you want us to be involved and at which stages. We can offer you the whole develop-source-supply service , or simply the parts you need.
          • Because we offer an all-in solution, we are cost-effective at the development stage. Our payment structures are flexible to suit you and your needs.
          • When Gentian Services is your one point of contact, there are no more language barriers and time zones to grapple with.

          According to our customers, Gentian Services scores high in terms of design expertise, engineering knowledge and manufacturing know-how. We use our extensive, on-the-ground experience developing local and global relationships so that they bring benefit to you.

          We work hard and we work smart to partner 100% with you in your product.

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          Gentian worked very closely with us during the roll out of our first product with one of our key customers. Gentian became an integral part of our engineering team. We leveraged their design and manufacturing experience in the development of our first batch and they are now integral in the design of our second product. All round our relationship with Gentian has really helped us accelerate the delivery of our products to customers.

          - Gerry Lacey CEO Surewash LTD.

          Sectors we work with

          • Handheld Electronic Devices
          • Analytical Instrumentation
          • Electronic Products for the Medical Sector

          Irish Office:
          Gentian Services LTD
          Unit 89.3,
          Shannon Freezone West,
          Shannon , Co Clare
          T: +353 61 704 986